First ever tech talk! Getting meaningful results from unit tests

access_timeJuly 22, 2016

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Tech Talk

Last week, I gave my first ever tech talk to Chipy, the Chicago Python user group! The talk, titled "Getting meaningful results from unit tests", was a quick demonstration on how to get the most out of pytest. pytest is the prominent unit test suite in the python community.  Giving a talk like this was a fun and exciting way to break out of my comfort zone. My talk was about solving a problem in pytest where your failure messages don't help you decide your next move.  When your tests fail, you need quality information to move forward and it's not always there.  In order to show how easy it is to solve this, I delivered my talk as a live coding walk through.

WebPack HMR and WordPress A Beautiful Union

access_timeApril 27, 2016


How to setup a WordPress theme development environment that leverages WebPack’s HotModuleReplacement for style sheets, JavaScript, and even live html injection.

This setup will use our bundler to manage front-end assets,  BrowserSync to proxy our local WordPress install, and a set of clever file watchers and middleware to get an HMR-style-update-with-no-reload-effect on PHP updates.

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