Fresh Ubuntu Search Results

Best chrome extension of all time, filtered by past year!! A chrome extension that automatically adds a "past year" filter to your "ubuntu" search results.
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A Chrome Extension

This project is a thinly veiled excuse to create a chrome extension.  I was curious how they work and it’s easier to learn when you have a target it mind.  My target was automating a repetitive task, to improve my workflow.


Fresh Ubuntu Search Results exists to solve a problem: when you google ubuntu your results are often polluted with ancient results from the stone age.  Today’s Ubuntu is vastly different from what existed 5 years ago.  Old solutions to new problems are often misleading or outright dangerous.  I used to manually add the “past year” filter, but that is simply too cumbersome for thinking people.

There has to be a better way!


Chrome Extension to the rescue! Conceptually, this is very very very simple.  When you add the “past year” filter to a google search, all that happens is tbs=qdr:y gets attached to the URL query string.  That’s all.  My extension does exactly that! If you clear “past year”, tbas=0 gets added to the string.  This makes it really easy to override the ‘past year clause’.  Needless to say, writing code was a very small part of this project.

I used Yeoman to scaffold out a development environment. I learned the basics of chrome extensions and wrote a simple event handler to handle tab update events.  Once you take away all the scaffolding, this extension is only a few lines of code.  Amazing!


Now I know something about building Chrome Extensions!

AND I don’t know about you… but when I google Ubuntu, my results are ALWAYS fresh! And yours can be too!


Now with 100% more HIGH ENERGY artwork!!  Had to update the code, so I went ahead and created some pretty artwork for it.

I’m really, really happy with this.  For a long time I really struggled at creating anything beautiful with Illustrator (or Inkscape). I’ve practiced!  This piece came out great, I am pretty proud of it!