Live People App

A real-time people management app, created with Django Channels and Vue.js.
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It’s gettin’ real-time!

This is one of my favorite throwaway side projects.

One company I interviewed with asked me to build a “people app”.¬† That’s pretty ambiguous. With rails generate anyone can do a model CRUD app in 5 minutes. In my mind, the challenge here is to add some flavor! I took a nice Sunday afternoon and built a real-time people app!

At the time I was digging into the Django Channels package, and learning everything about web sockets to deliver real-time updates: 3-way data binding, multiplexing, consumer groups, and the rest.  The job was for Django/Vue.js development, this was a chance to try out some of the techniques I was trying to grasp.

The real hero in all this was Vue.js. This was the first time I ever touched Vue and I was able to get up in running very quickly! Bravo Team Vue!


Here’s the app!

The trick is: you have to open it in multiple browsers/tabs, make edits, and see your edits propagate in real-time everywhere!