Live People App

A real-time people management app, created with Django Channels and Vue.js.
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It’s gettin’ real-time!

This is one of my favorite throwaway side projects.

One company I interviewed for asked applicants to build a people app with all the CRUD operations.  Too easy! Let’s make this interesting!  At the time I was digging into the Django Channels package, and learning everything about web sockets to deliver real-time updates: 3-way data binding, multiplexing,  consumer groups, and the rest.  The job was for Django/Vue.js development, I decided to flex on this project and create a real-time people app with websockets!.

This project makes me happy, because it reminds me how smart I used to be.  I built this in hours including the time spent learning Vue.js — and there’s neat stuff in there to help deal with the early version of channels.  It would take me weeks to write this code today, in the same stack.  Should add, “and I’m OK with that”.  No doubt in my mind, I’m a significantly stronger developer today.


Remember: In order to fully appreciate this app, you have to open it in multiple browsers/tabs, make edits, and see your edits propagate in real-time to each open tab.