Yet another YAML parser, in pure python--with YACC parsing.
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 A pure Python YAML parser

I built this to see if I could improve upon the go-to YAML parser: PyYAML

It’s built on top of a pure python YACC (Yet another C compiler) parser.  Initially, my goal was to exploit Pareto’s Principle (80-20 rule) and cover the ~20% of the most important YAML rules; it covers the portions of YAML that regular people use.  I’m pretty happy about managing scope in that way. Adding “productions” and “tokens” (YACC lingo for rules) to cover the rest of the feature set will not be invasive.

Right now, pureyaml is in an alpha stage.  It needs some optimization and benchmarking.  It has ~500 unit tests. It’s compatible with PY2, PY3, and PYPY.  It’s published on PyPI.