Team Symthic Logo

High tech design for my old Battlefield 3 team--Team Symthic (32 man world champions).

Team Symthic

As one of my pastimes, I played competitive Battlefield 3 (BF3).  I was one of the leaders of Team Symthic — the top 32 man team in the world.  Battlefield 3 is a first person shooter (FPS) with vehicles!  By vehicles, I mean tanks, APCs, Fighter Jets, Attack Helicopters, and a variety transport vehicles. At high levels it is a tactical war game.

The mechanics of the game were interesting enough to give rise to theorycrafting communities.  The core of theorycrafting is the mathematical analysis of game mechanics to discover optimal strategies and tactics.  For example, the guns in the game have coefficient values for damage, rate of fire, damage drop off, spread, recoil, bullet velocity, bullet drop, and a series of attachments that modify these values;  combined with a set of assumptions, this data allows you to estimate an aggregate effectiveness value called “Time To Kill” or TTK.  TTK allows you compare guns and make strategic choices in your load out.  At higher levels of this process, generic assumptions are modified with reasoned assumptions that match play style, environment, team composition, and strategy to offer even better insight.  The premier theorycrafting community for Battlefield 3 is

This type of analysis is not fun for everybody, some people would prefer to “just play the game”, but, believe me, it was fun for us!  Out of this community, formed Team Symthic, a group of people interested in putting our theories to the test — spoiler alert, we won.  We lost our first game, regrouped, and never lost again.

The evolution of design

I designed us a logo intended to emphasize our values while distinguishing us from our parent community

I played with a few ideas while I approached the final design; the following gallery shows off some of those ideas that were too beautiful to discard completely.  I have rebranded this gallery as: “Team Symthic fan art”. Enjoy.